About the Staff

All of the staff at Servant Camp are dedicated to making the week a wonderful experience. It is not uncommon for the staff to use their yearly vacation time so that they can serve at camp. It’s one of the many unique qualities about Servant Camp – everyone there is willing to serve. The overall structure includes the following titles:

Directors: The directors are a team of people led by the overall Camp Director, Pat Ficker. They plan programs, train staff, organize fun all camp events, and manage the administration end of camp.

Unit Heads and Counselors: Each group of campers is led by adult staff members. The staff to camper ratio is about 1:4 for 3rd-7th grade and 1:6 for 8th-10th grade. Each counselor receives training in working with youth and undergoes a background check.

Junior Staff: 12th graders provide leadership to the Unit and support the efforts of the Unit Head. They also help with the Pony Program.

Runners: These are one of our favorite groups of people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to build fires, drive to activities, supply drinking water and so much more to make the camp experience so wonderful.

Support Staff: We have many volunteers who provide a restful and rejuvenating lounge for our hardworking staff, organize unit t-shirts, ribbons, unit snacks, arrange meals to fit specific diets, and do intercession for all of the campers & staff.

Afternoon Activity Staff: Each afternoon at camp, 8th and 9th grade campers learn new skills, either crafts, sports or games. These are led by staff that visit camp each day for the afternoon.

Pony Staff: Adult staff & 12th grade campers plan and run the perfect introduction to Servant Camp.

Staff Party Organizers: At the end of camp every year, the staff gather for a nice dinner to share stories how God worked in their units, their campers or themselves at camp.

Camp Director

Pat Ficker

Pat joined as Servant Camp’s Director in 2011! Pat has many years of service experience, serving as a volunteer staff at Camp. His talents as a tenured educator influenced the decision to take this new opportunity. When Pat is not at camp, he loves being with his children and grandchildren. He loves to travel and meet people to share the gospel.

Program Directors

Mike Oberg

Mike has been a Program Director since 1991 and was a camp counselor since 1986. Mike’s main responsibilities at camp is heading up the evening coffeehouse, checking campers in when they arrive at camp, and running our staff prayer. Every evening Mike is on the look-out to make sure every camper is safe. In addition, he also tries to make himself available for any of our other staff when they need assistance. During the rest of the year, Mike works for Xcel Energy in the Meter Department. Mike also enjoys being with his family and watching his kids play sports.

Jeanne Oberg

Jeanne has been Program Director at Servant Camp since 1991. Before becoming a director, she had been a counselor since 1981, missing only one year, 1989. At camp, Jeanne is responsible for registration and program scheduling. During the other 51 weeks of the year leading up to Servant Camp, Jeanne works with the youth programs at her parish in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and the senior high youth program. She also enjoys being with her children and two grandchildren.

Ginny DeSanto

Ginny has worked for Servant Camp for a lot longer than she’d like to admit ~ about 35 years. Her responsibilities at camp include planning many of the large group events such as carnivals, skit and charade nights, and camp wide games. Her favorite things to do at camp are wandering around in the woods and enjoying the beauty. When she’s not at Servant Camp, she’s probably outside, eating or enjoying her friends, family and especially her grandchildren. She likes to watch birds, run, listen to the Minnesota Twins and read. She is very grateful to the Lord for her husband, Will, and their 5 children. She and Will are insurance sales agents.

Kathy Janicki

Kathy joined the directors in 2015 and brings a great amount of experience from her time as a camp director at another camp. She is an 8th grade math teacher, soccer & track coach during the school year, an expert at miniature golf and loves working with youth. Kathy’s favorite color is purple, favorite treat is peanut butter M&M’s. She and her husband Michael love hiking and canoeing.

Stephen Busk

Stephen lives in South Bend, IN and has been serving at camp, either the South Bend camp, or Servant Camp for 25 years. Stephen heads up the South Bend group that travels to Minnesota every year. Although Stephen is a director, he is a unit head of campers each year. When he is not serving at camp, Stephen sells furniture, coaches youth sports, and enjoys time with his wife, children and grandchildren.

Beth Couch

Beth lives in South Bend, Indiana. She and her husband, Martin, have 7 children. Beth started attending camp in 2012 but some of her children began attending in 2006 and have continued to attend and serve at camp since that time. Beth serves as the Unit Head for the Lambs. Her favorite camp activities are archery and hand arts. The rest of the year Beth works at Trinity School at Greenlawn. In her free time Beth loves to read, bake, go to the beach, and spend time with her family, including two grandchildren.

Janice Mertz

Janice’s first camp experience was as a Butterfly counselor in 1984. She joined the directors in 2019. Her prayer is that each camper and staff member would experience and know our Father’s deep and unconditional love for them. When not at camp, Janice works as an accountant. She enjoys hiking with her husband, flowers and card making.