Servant Camp is a great way to spend a week of your summer!

Servant Camp is for children entering 1st to 12th grades

  • 1st and 2nd graders can join our Pony program. In Minnesota, the Pony program is held during four different afternoons of Servant Camp week at Camp Phillippo in Cannon Falls, MN. See the Location page for details.
    - If you live in South Bend, Indiana, please contact Beth Couch to register for the Pony program.
    - If you live in Rockford, Illinois, please inquire with Amy Newburn to register for the Pony program.

  • 3rd through 12th graders will be overnight at Camp Phillippo in Cannon Falls, MN. See the Location page for details.

  • 12th graders: their morning program will be retreat format with speakers and small groups. Then they will run the Pony Program or be a Junior Counselor in one of the 3rd-7th grade units. They will also stay overnight at Camp Phillippo in Cannon Falls, MN. See the Location page for details.

Camp Pricing

Rates vary per unit. Details are available on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Here are some of the activities that all campers can experience at Servant Camp:

Pony Program

This special program is designed for 1st & 2nd graders as an introduction to the experiences of Servant Camp. Children in the Pony program come to Camp Phillipo for four afternoons from 1:00 - 4:45 p.m., Monday, July 25th – Thursday, July 28th. They spend their time swimming, playing games, doing crafts, singing camp songs, and making new friends. They always enjoy the scavenger hunt and tour of Servant Camp. An experienced Servant Camp staff person assisted by the Junior Staff will lead the Pony program.

Things you will enjoy at Servant Camp

  • Cookouts & picnics

  • Polar bear dips

  • All-camp games

  • Theme lunches - see Packing List for more details

  • Climbing tower

  • Swimming

  • Stargazes

  • Canoeing

  • Archery, riflery, handarts

  • Skits, bingo nights

  • Inspirational talks

  • Sitting around the campfire with s’mores

3rd-7th Graders Activities

In addition to the above activities for our campers we have:

  • Handarts doing woodburning, leatherwork, painting and more

  • Outdoor cooking over a fire to make yummy treats

  • Fun games on the fields

  • 5th graders: First year to do the climbing tower

  • 6th graders: Bike trip on a local trail

  • 7th graders: High Ropes course

8th & 9th Grade Activities

These campers experience a retreat format in the morning filled with praise & worship and inspiring sharings. Afternoons provide opportunities to try things including:

  • Tie Dyeing

  • Epoxy-Resin Crafts

  • Ice Cream Making

  • String Art

  • Ultimate Frisbee

  • Wood Crafts

  • Volleyball

  • Flag Football

  • Soccer

  • Jewelry Making

  • Swing Dance

  • Fly Fishing techniques

  • Mosaics

  • Deep-fried Yummy Treats

  • How to Play 500 (the card game)

  • Canoeing

…and so much more! After the lights go down for the younger campers, the 8th and older crowds enjoy our ever popular coffee house under the big tent.

10th & 11th Grade Campers

The last two years of being campers is the best. Every day is something different. Challenging activities... We will have a couple of nights of the ever-popular coffee house under the big tent at River Ridge along with the 8th, 9th and 12th grade campers.

The goals of Servant Camp

  • To grow in friendship with Jesus Christ

  • To make new friends

  • To have fun experiencing new activities