Simones Award

George Simones Award

The George Simones Award is given out every year to a Camp Staff Member(s) that exemplifies a heart for service, a passion for Servant Camp, and a love of the outdoors.  George was the veteran 5th grade unit leader, who loved to laugh with his campers, and showed them God’s love through nature.

George Simones was a member of the People of Praise, and volunteered as a Camp Staff Unit Leader for many years. George became ill in the beginning of Servant Camp 1994 passed away shortly thereafter.

The following is a list of past George Simones Award Recipients from 1995 to present:

  • 1995 Recipients:  Ann Miller, Tammy Krause, John Zimmel, Terry Prevost
  • 1996 Recipients:  Ken Kuehn, Jeanne Oberg, Mike Oberg, Margret Wallace, Pat Ficker
  • 1997 Recipients:  Ginny DeSanto, Marge Ghostley, Carmen Lee, Ed Schwab, Bev Hermann
  • 1998 Recipients:  Ernie Rinehart, Vicki Showalter, Tina (Huebner) LaVergne, Terry Schmidt, Tony Schmitz
  • 1999 Recipients:  John Ostby, Bunny Simones
  • 2000 Recipients:  Gail Lee, Tom Caneff, Harold & Delores Rolland
  • 2001 Recipients:  Tom Kruse, Mary Pat McManmon
  • 2002 Recipients:  Julie Krause, John Ryan
  • 2003 Recipients:  Jo Zimmel, Jim Ingram, Rosie Tarnowski, Jim Grill
  • 2004 Recipients:  Sue & Harold Coulter
  • 2005 Recipient:  Emily (Wind) Bowar
  • 2006 Recipients:  Gailyn Ryan, Pat Flynn
  • 2007 Recipients:  Meg McManmon, Paul Zenker
  • 2008 Recipient:  John Krause
  • 2009 Recipient:  Dick Stauble
  • 2010 Recipient:  Molly (Annala) Kilpatrick
  • 2011 Recipient:  Bill Wallace
  • 2012 Recipient:  Mike Wacker
  • 2013 Recipients:  John & Mary Behrens
  • 2014 Recipients:  Tom Staffelbach, Alicia McShane
  • 2015 Recipients:  Steve Busk, Beth Couch
  • 2016 Recipients:  Juliana Dal Pra, Andy Bowar